Performance Efficiency
  • The compact QUADRATHERM® Heater delivers a robust 80,000 BTUs of QuadRadiant® heat in a broad, quadrangular heat pattern.
  • Uses fuel more efficiently by converting more of the thermal capacity of the gas to infrared heat and transferring more of that heat to the floor.
  • Adjustable height helps optimize floor coverage.
  • QuadRadiant® heat requires fewer units and less run time to heat a typical house.
  • Saves fuel by permitting zone control – heat only the areas of the house where heat is needed.
Ease Of Operation
  • Reliable direct spark ignition.
  • Thermostatic or zone sensor control.
  • Proven, reliable component parts.
  • Burner and igniter are protected from debris.
Easy To Install
  • Heaters are delivered assembled and ready to hang.
  • Units include eight-foot (2.4-meter) power cords and gas hoses for flexible heater placement.
  • Maximum of 5-psi operation at the heater reduces installation costs for piping and is retrofit friendly.
  • 120-volt zone control eliminates transformers.
  • Slotted tabs at the corners of the heater permit secure four-point suspension for extra stability.
Easy To Maintain
  • Burner is easy to access by removing one screw.
  • Three-piece bottom eases access for cleaning.
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel and aluminum construction. Designed for compressed air cleaning.
  • Heaters are winchable for house clean-out.
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