Max Air

  • Heavy duty fibreglass housing
  • Develops 26 500 and 45 000 CFM respectively.
  • Easy to clean
  • Extremely quiet and efficient
  • Single or variable speed
  • Extremely quiet
  • Very efficient low electrical consumption

The MAX-AIR series is a line of high performance fibreglass housing exhaust fans. In the series the unique 72" diameter blade MAX-AIR 72" generates over 45 000 CFM as well as the 50" diameter blade MAX-AIR 50" that obtains 26 500 CFM.  Both fans may be controlled with a variable frequency drive thus allowing a precise range of speed and capacity starting at 10,000 CFM (5,000 CFM for the 50") and a lower power consumption of 500 watts (300 watts for the 50"). The heavy duty fibreglass housing facilitates cleaning as well as resists corrosion thus ensuring long product life.  An ideal fan for tunnel, cross tunnel or any negative pressure application in dairy, poultry, hog, greenhouse, production plants or warehouses. 

Tested and proven by an independent engineering firm.

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