Magnum 72’’

     Unique insulated fibreglass housing and shutters.
  • Produces up to 61 000 SCFM
  • Insulation rating of R=7.5
  • Shutters can be opened automatically or manually.
  • Low energy consumption

Unique in concept, the MAGNUM fan has been designed and built with superior methods and components. The fan housing and shutter assembly are constructed entirely of heavy duty fibreglass that ensures a proper seal, quiet operation with the greatest durability. The shutters can be opened manually or automatically depending on the application. High quality insulation with an R value of 7.5 reduces thermal transmittance. The MAGNUM fan produces an impressive 61000 scfm @ 0” H2O. The aerodynamic design and smooth surfaces ensures that the airflow is optimized. Coupled with a high efficiency 3 phase motor this fan delivers appreciable energy savings. Designed with six (6) heavy duty stamped aluminum blades, mounted on a solid steel hub our 72’’ impeller is light en efficient. The low speed capability makes this an excellent fan for cold climates.

The shutter assembly can be used as a fan exhaust cover or as an air inlet for agricultural buildings. When used with our variable frequency drive to reduce belt and motor wear, the MAGNUM fan becomes one of the most versatile and reliable fans available on the market today.

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