Develops over 65 000 CFM (140 000 CFM

      De-stratifies ambient air
    • Housing and louvers constructed of robust fibreglass
    • Can be installed in multiple configurations; on an existing building column, on an anchored post or suspended.
    • Cools the production animals, staff and bedding.
    • Low energy consumption
    • May be used in wintertime on minimum setting to de-stratify and displace stagnant air pockets.
    • Quiet operation

Without question one of our most versatile and innovative designs is our CYCLONE variable speed re-circulating fan. The CYCLONE is a belt driven variable speed fan with the highest efficiency in the market today. With six heavy duty aluminum blades spanning 72” in diameter, the CYCLONE can generate an exceptional (140 000 CFM) 65000scfm of air movement at 0 inH2O while consuming 2,2 kW at high speeds and a meagre 130 watts at lower speeds. Traditional 56” to 24’ ceiling fans will force down warm air from the ceiling to the ground. The CYCLONE 72” can achieve the same result at slow speeds but an interesting phenomenon occurs when the speed is increased that ceiling fans cannot achieve. The CYCLONE produces a unique high velocity airflow that creates a cooling effect similar to tunnel ventilation (something that large ceiling fans cannot reproduce).

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