Clearpan panel

      Constructed of clear LEXAN™ treated for UV protection.
    • Smooth easy to clean surface.
    • PVC mouldings to reduce thermal conductance and prevent the panel from sticking in the wintertime.
    • Panels available in de 36’’, 42‘’, 46’’ high by 96’’ long.
    • Lets in natural light

The Clearpan panel is constructed of ultra resistant clear LEXAN sheets and treated for UV protection. This panel can be used as a complete natural or tunnel ventilation air inlet. Ultra lightweight construction greatly reduces mechanical load on actuators. A PVC moulding surrounds the panel to prevent thermal conductance and frosting that may cause jamming. Panels are available in eight (8) foot lengths for heights of 36’’, 42’’ or 48’’. The Clearpan allows natural light into the building while maintaining adequate ventilation.

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