Tela Inflated

  • UV and abrasion resistant tarp
  • High insulation value
  • Easy installation
  • Lets light penetrate
  • Control ambient temperature manually or with an automated control.
  • Silent system with little or no maintenance

Inflated TELA curtains offer all of the advantages that a simple curtain offers but with a much higher insulation value for cold North American climates. Equipped with powerful blowers the curtain when inflated creates an effective seal and greater thermal barrier. Less clear than the POLYMAT G3, the simple curtain still allows for a passable amount of natural light to penetrate the building offering better comfort for the cows thus ensuring better productivity. We offer a large variety of cross hatched curtain tarp.

All our curtains are UV protected. The end kits mechanical components are protected by an HDPE cover that resists UV rays and protects vital components from the elements. The curtain system can be controlled manually or through a climate computer designed to ensure the best quality of air within the building.

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